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Partnering with Rural Communities

Our Mission: To partner with the stakeholders of rural areas, particularly of the South Pacific, to develop tangible and sustainable renewable energy products and integrated services.

With you all the way

Energy is the key to development. In remote areas, reliable and affordable electricity supply can unlock economic opportunities. Without electricity, modern development is impossible.

Pelena can help you with remote area energy solutions that suit your needs and environment.

We Recognise that

  • the majority of people in the South Pacific live in remote, rural, village environments.
  • rural development processes are different to urban development processes.
  • high skill levels exist in rural areas developed primarily to maintain livelihoods.
  • people in rural areas have existing and adaptable skill levels suited to developing and operating energy systems and enterprises.

Every step of the way, Pelena can guide you through developing a complete energy solution to suit your unique locations and needs.

Putting together a complete energy solution that is sustainable and reliable can involve a number of various elements—find out what is best for you now and save money in the future.

Talk to the experts in small remote energy systems—Talk to Pelena.

Our Approach

Pelena Energy understands that energy systems are a long-term investment in the future of a community—an investment in people. We don’t just install renewable energy systems; we build economic opportunities, skill-bases, and trust.

Pelena Energy

  • works with the community to identify local skills so that such skills can be utilised and enhanced to develop sustainable renewable energy systems and enterprises.
  • maximises local involvement in all aspects of design, construction, and maintenance of energy systems, including the modification of processes to suit the local context.
  • utilises proven equipment options where appropriate, and develops equipment when appropriate options are not available.
  • supports its products throughout their life, no matter the location.

Get your Project Right from the Beginning

Pelena Energy is about solutions. Pelena has been building energy systems that work since 1998. If you’re in a remote location or if you want to sell electricity back to your supplier, Pelena may have the answers you need for your project.

Don’t scratch around in the dark. Build on our experience and turn on the lights!

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