Pelena’s main product is the Pelena Turbine. It comes in two forms — a Crossflow Turbine and a Pelton Turbine. Both are small-scale Hydro-electricity generating systems rated up to 250kW suitable for a single house / farm or a village of up 500 people.

A High-Reliability System

The Pelena Turbine is designed to be reliable, even in the most remote locations.

Even the strongest parts wear, and accidents happen. Therefore Pelena has taken a total technology approach in developing remote area power systems so that all the essential items are supported. Pelena provides planning, training, transport, spare parts supply and accessibility, and back-up support.

In remote locations, spare parts availability is a challenge. Pelena approaches this problem through commonality of parts, and establishing a stock of spare parts near its turbines.

Pelena Turbines use

  • the same sized belts
  • the same sized bearings
  • the same shaft seals
  • the same baseframe (chassis) design concept
  • the same diameter shafts
  • the same toolboxes

This adds up to reliability through spare parts availability.

All Pelena Turbine frames, casings and guards, are made of stainless steel. This ensures that the turbine will last for many, many years without the need for expensive re-painting or re-coating.

This approach of matching high quality materials with back-up support ensures that a child born in a community with a Pelena Turbine will never know life without the benefits of 240-Volt, 50-Hz electricity.

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