Solomon Islands


Masupa village, Malaita


3 February 2010


Pelena two-nozzle Pelton

Electrical Rating:

40kW, three phase

Turbine Supplier:

Pelena Energy

Civil Works:

Pelena Energy

Hydraulic Works:

Pelena Energy


Pelena Energy

Electrical Works:

Pelena Energy


Solomon Islands Government

News Reports

Solomon Star: Let There be Light at Masupa, 18 February 2010

Masupa Micro-Hydro Complete, 10 February 2010


Pelena also installed a freezer room at Masupa. The Pelena Freezer Room provides

  • ice production
  • ice storage
  • food storage
  • storage time to wait for shipping

Immediately after commissioning, the freezer room and hydro provided 6 direct paying jobs and enabled many other income opportunities through the sale of fish to the freezer room business — for freezing and later sale locally or in Honiara.

Block ice production and storage

Block ice production and storage in the minus 25 degrees Celsius Pelena Freezer Room at Masupa. (October 2010).

Mr. Ronnie making block ice

Masupa Hydro Technician, Mr Ronnie, filling plastic containers with water ready to place in the Freezer Room to make and store block ice (October 2010).

Frozen fish

Frozen Fish stored at minus 25 degrees Celsius in a Pelena Freezer Room at Masupa. These frozen fish will be placed in insulated containers (‘Eskies’) and taken to market. The freezer room allows the fish to be safely stored until market transport arrives, and also freezes the produce at such a low temperature and with block ice that sale quality and market price are high. (October 2010)

Construction Video

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