Ok Tarim Hydro — Construction video

In October 2012 the village of Ok Tarim, Papua New Guinea, constructed a micro-hydro with the help of Pelena Energy and Western Power.

Masupa Hydro — Construction video

In early 2010 the small village community of Masupa, located at Takataka in East Are’Are, Malaita, Solomon Islands, constructed a 40kW hydroelectric system and icemaking business enterprise under the supervision and direction of Pelena Energy.


A trip to Gizo, Solomon Islands, on Pelena Express

Passengers travelling on the first Pelena Express vessel, the Namita Rose. This shallow-drafted vessel was built by Pelena Energy in Australia and delivered to Solomon Islands in 2006 (via PNG). For propulsion, the vessel uses a standard Cummins diesel engine coupled to a Doen jet. The lack of an under-boat propeller, keel, and rudder allows greater access to beaches and shallow lagoon areas providing greater access and opportunities for rural people. The vessel is designed to eventually operate on coconut oil but is presently fuelled by petroleum diesel.

Refer to the Pelena Express website for more details.


Jam at Kandrian Station, New Britain

The lack of electric lighting doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm for a musical jam at Kandrian Station, New Britain, Papua New Guinea. The use of a public address ("PA") unit with microphone lashed to the guitar shows the innovation of the musicians and enthusiasm for real music. Many thanks George and and Peter. It was a great night.

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